Evan Woodruffe (b.1965) brings the extraordinary into the ordinary. Whether on a wall or a luxury motorcar, his paintings build complex relationships between colour and pattern to form what writer Lucinda Bennett referred to as Wet Maps, “living, breathing ecosystems, and visualisations of a new kind of urbanism”, where the world itself is fluid and porous.

Through a close collaboration with PAULNACHE, Evan sustains an unpredictable and exciting exhibition schedule, with works that range from the gargantuan 3m x 11m multi-panelled painting 28th April 2023 (for ‘No straight lines’ Hastings City Art Gallery 2023) to his tiny painted pill capsules (shown at ‘until science finds a cure for our condition, remain medicated’, PAULNACHE 2019. Together, they have expanded Evan’s audience through gallery exhibitions, art fairs including Sydney Contemporary (2017) and Melbourne’s Spring 1883 (2016), and projects in Auckland, Wellington, and Singapore.

Evan has regularly shown at public institutions, including his significant contribution to the NZ Special Exhibition at 8th Beijing Biennale (2019). He produced a major exhibition for Te Whare Toi o Heretaunga Hastings City Art Gallery (2023), and Tauranga Art Gallery (2018), a large temporary work for Dunedin Public Art Gallery (2015), performance work for the 5th Auckland Triennial (2013), and worked with Whakatane Museum to produce a show based on their photographic archives (2013).

Painting remains the core of Evan’s practice, both as artworks in themselves and providing the imagery for printing onto fabrics, furniture, automobiles, and architecture. Collaboration with designers and performers has extended his painting practice off the wall and into our 3D world.

Evan is a long-standing supporter of the visual arts, not only as an artist, but as a collector, sponsor, teacher, and advocator. He has run Akepiro Street Studios, home to a dozen artists, since 2008, and is a regular contributor to community events.

Evan Woodruffe at Hastings City Art Gallery 2023


MFA (1st Class), University of Auckland
Post-Graduate Art & Design, AUT


2011 Molly Morpeth Canaday Award
2003 Becroft Premier Award


NZ Department of the Prime Minister
NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade
MC, Office of the Crown Solicitors
The Arts House Trust
Parkin Collection
Private Collections in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, China, USA, & Spain.

Evan Woodruffe is Brand Ambassador for da Vinci Artist Brushes and
Brand Ambassador for Schmincke Artist Colours.
He is a Member of WeCreate (New Zealand).


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In Conversation

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Spring 1883 Melbourne PAULNACHE 2016
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Melbourne Art Fair PAULNACHE 2014
tattered by attempting moonbeams OREXART 2014
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Art for the People! with Catherine Ellis, 5th Auckland Triennial, Auckland Art Gallery 2013
Drawn Back Te Koputu a te whanga a Toi, Whakatane 2013
The Memory Archive OREXART 2012
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​Time is a Thief OREXART 2011
The Dangerous Looseness of Doom OREXART 2010
Scene OREXART 2008
Lost Blue Heaven OREXART 2005
Laid Down OREXART 2003


Title: 28th August 2023

It often takes a while to find myself again after a major show. This was the first painting I was happy with following No Straight Lines 4 months prior.

Title: 28th April 2023

Although begun in late 2022, the greater realisation of this work took place after the devastating floods of Anniversary Weekend in Tamaki Makaurau Auckland and Cyclone Gabrielle in Matau-a-Maui Hawkes Bay.

Title: 24th July 2022

My signature is always on the back of the work, yet here the red ribbon careering across nearly 3m of canvas loosely spells my initials EW. Sometimes you have to shout from the top!

Title: 6th February 2022

This unusual colour palette was influenced by Wassily Kandinsky’s Three Elements (1925) and used in two works for my Lollygagger exhibition at PAULNACHE.