Until science finds a cure for our condition, remain medicated, PAULNACHE 2019

Until science finds a cure for our condition, remain medicated, PAULNACHE 2019

PAULNACHE and I had discussed how multipanel paintings could be rearranged and mixed up yet still work as an image.
Roof Space, Chengdu, China 2019

Roof Space, Chengdu, China 2019

Ai Gallery toured us through China as cultural ambassadors, visiting three cities and meeting with artists, curators, collectors, and with the great support of our Embassy staff.
The most surreal place I've shown: in a field under the misty Qinling Mountains, Shanxi Province, 2019

Under the Misty Qinling Mountains, Shanxi Province 2019

Ai Gallery presented three NZ artists at a fine-dining experience with corporate executives and their Harley-Davidson motorbikes, in a giant marquee in the middle of nowhere.

the world is porous, Tauranga Art Gallery 2018

My friend and performer Elibra Fleur is dressed to impress in this Dior-inspired costume at the opening of my exhibition.

9×2=18 at PAULNACHE 2018

Having exhibited huge works in the previous six exhibitions, we decided to upend expectation with a show of small paintings, each just 50cm x 50cm.
Sydney Contemporary with PAULNACHE 2017

Sydney Contemporary with PAULNACHE 2017

I constructed a large 300cm x 500cm painting loosely based on the Fibonacci Grid, with sequences of squares spiralled in decreasing size.

Auckland Art Fair 2016 with PAULNACHE

For my first art fair show, I wanted to make something that went with the spectacle of the event - all the fun of the fair!

Spring 1881, Melbourne 2016 with PAULNACHE

This art fair took place in the Winsor Hotel in central Melbourne. Galleries took over rooms to present curated exhibitions - ours in the Victoria Suite.

Hypnic Jerk at PAULNACHE 2015

My second solo exhibition with PAULNACHE cemented our relationship as close collaborators in developing exciting and unexpected shows for our audience.


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Newsletter February 2022

Delightfully, I’ve realised this newsletter reflects a part of my practice where elements come together to make a whole.

Commission for the Office of the Crown Solicitors MC

MC (Office of the Crown Solicitors) were moving into exciting new premises, one of only two "green" buildings in the country, and were commissioning six artists to present six prescribed elements of Contemporary Aotearoa.
Evan woodruffe Newsletter December 2021

Newsletter December 2021

Welcome to my first newsletter! To add some colour to these fractured times, I have plenty of exciting projects scheduled over the next 18 months, and of course you’ll be hearing about them first.
Paintings for Aotearoa Art Fair in November

Paintings for Aotearoa Art Fair in November 2021

While Auckland's Level 4 Lockdown closed Akepiro Studios, I was able to set up at home to produce a new suite of paintings that will be presented at Artweek Auckland and TENT for Aotearoa Art Fair in November.