Roof Space, Chengdu, China 2019

Ai Gallery toured us through China as cultural ambassadors, visiting three cities and meeting with artists, curators, collectors, and with the great support of our Embassy staff. An exhibition of NZ painting was curated by Linda Tyler at Roof Space, a gallery in the Blue Roof district, the creative powerhouse of western China. Set in 2000 hectares to the south-east of the city are studios, galleries, a museum and apartments where the artists live. We met several major artists, including Luo Fahui and Meng Tao, visiting their studios and learning more about the art scene in China.


Title: 10th September 2021

Small paintings are often more powerful than their size. This painting is a rough and ready combination of scratchy lines and scumbled colours, yet manages a sweetness with its marshmallow pink centre – oh so yummy!

Title: 18th June 2021

I don’t usually describe my work as muscular, but the bold, red, calligraphic gesture at the centre of this painting asserts itself unashamedly.
Summer 2021

Title: Summer 2021

I started work on this project just as borders began closing, and finished it in late summer as the vaccinations began.
18th April 2021

Title: 18th April 2021

I'm constantly developing my work, though some paintings depict this more clearly than others.


Largest work to date 28th April 2023

My exhibition No Straight Lines at Te Where Toi o Heretaunga Hastings City Art Gallery provided the opportunity to negotiate with its Main Gallery, the largest un-poled space in the Southern Hemisphere.

Creative Matters Podcast

Whether you’re out for a stroll or need some aural distraction while working, you can now listen to me in conversation with Mandy Jakich at her lovely Muriwai studio for Creative Matters.

Exquisite Colours collaboration with Schmincke

My collaboration with renown German paint manufacturer Schmincke in 2022, designing the palette of colours for a Ultimate Mixing Set of Horadam Watercolours, was so successful that they asked me to devise a new set for 2023.

Newsletter February 2022

Delightfully, I’ve realised this newsletter reflects a part of my practice where elements come together to make a whole.